About Me

Good health and strength of all the gifts that we are endowed with come with the responsibility of care. Like any machine the body needs maintenance. The component parts of this are a good balanced diet and an exercise regime that takes in all the particular needs of you as an individual.
I am an accredited member of FitPro trained by The Physical Education Association of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. With more than twenty years of experience in my craft you can be confident that my skill as a fitness trainer is well honed. I teach High Intensity classes as an important part of my weekly program at the exclusive Peak Health Club in London. For some years I held the appointment of Seasports Director on the prestigious Cunard Cruise Line and was responsible for the fitness programs on their luxurious vessels.

My goal is not just the improvement of your body shape. It is to nourish your confidence, your energy, and your general well being, in fact to prepare you to take charge of your life and make it your very own.

This is where the intervention of an experienced trainer becomes necessary and here is a brief introduction to me and the services I offer.

I provide a one to one personal training regime tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you are looking to lose weight and increase your cardio vascular fitness, gain muscular strength and tone and improve posture, motivation and self esteem, all in one tight encompassing program.