Nutritional Information

Delicious meal plans that get you closer to your fitness & weightloss goals

As your trainer I will be there to guide you through the nutrition jungle. That dense and constantly changing never never land of conflicting opinions. We are all individuals and as such we need to be given individual and particular guidance on weight, exercise and diet, whilst sorting out the fads and fancies from the facts, leaving a clear path to common sense and healthy progress in your nutritional strategy.

When we have discussed the options of your program and decided what your ambitions and your aims are, we can proceed to the structure and development of the training based on the frequency and rigour of the exercise program to be followed. We can, if necessary, sketch out your dietary requirements. If you already have a structured diet then we can proceed.

In the early years of my career I studied and graduated in food and hygiene so I would be happy to discuss these matters with you. A good and well prepared diet is so important to be able to get the best from a well prepared program of exercise in so many ways, from good energy levels, to injury prevention and excellent results. A balanced program of carbohydrates and protein coupled with good hydration will aid performance and recovery and ensure excellent progress.

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