High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) In Chelsea

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) involves alternating between intense, high energy exercises, and short periods of rest or low-intensity active rest. One common form of HIIT involves short, quick sprints, followed by slower walking. HIIT has become a very popular form of cardio, due to its incredible efficiency, and effectiveness. A HIIT workout is usually much quicker than a regular cardio session, while still providing an intense, worthwhile exercise. Unlike regular cardio, which often involves low to medium effort work over a longer period, HIIT allows you to perform all-out, 90 to 100% effort workouts with rest periods in-between. This maximal effort provides great benefits to your body, strengthens your heart, and has a wonderful effect on your overall health. The intensity of a HIIT workout can be varied to accommodate trainees of all levels.

Benefits of HIIT

Possibly the most significant benefit of HIIT is that it allows you to perform exercises at or near maximal effort, without becoming completely exhausted. This leads to increased energy exertion, which in turn means quicker fat loss. It also strengthens your heart and lungs much faster, leading to increased endurance, and better health. Another significant benefit of interval training is what is known as the “afterburn effect”. Due to the exertion of HIIT training, the body remains in a state of increased activity long after you finish your workout. This means you end up burning more calories for hours after your workout, leading to greater fat loss. A well-planned HIIT workout will have you spending less time in the gym, with more efficient exercises that still lead to amazing results.

Different Types of HIIT

There are many different ways HIIT can be implemented in a workout. The type of HIIT workout you choose will often depend on your specific goals and requirements. As an experienced personal trainer, I can help you create a workout plan that aligns perfectly with your needs, and uses the best form of HIIT for you.
One of the most popular forms of HIIT involves performing cardio workouts like running, cycling or dancing, interspersed with walking, or less active rest. Another type of HIIT revolves around bodyweight exercises. This combines muscle-strengthening workouts with cardio, allowing you to get an efficient, full-body workout in a short period of time. The last popular type of HIIT is based on resistance training. With this type of HIIT, you would perform intense, full-body workouts with weights, interspersed with short rest periods. Throughout all these, the goal is always to push the heart-rate up, and perform exercises at or near maximal effort in short bursts.

Who is HIIT For?

If you’re interested in improving your heart health, your cardio endurance, or burning calories and losing fat, HIIT could be right for you. This form of training is also perfect for busy professionals who may not have time to perform long cardio sessions. With a well-planned HIIT routine, it is possible to reduce your time in the gym, while increasing your results at the same time. As a fully qualified personal trainer, I can design a HIIT workout plan that is perfect for your specific needs and requirements.

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